What's the origin, the meaning of this surname?

At least since 300 years our family commonly comes from Hundeshagen, a village in the region "Eichsfeld" in Thuringia. Starting here always many descendants (mostly as musicians) went to the distance. So you can find Bucklers from Hundeshagen all over Germany.

But where are we originally from?

The Name Buckler is distributed in english-speaking countries in a huge number. 

If our family comes from England, literature links to a job designation (like P.H. Reaney, A Dictionary of English Surnames, 3. Aufl., Oxford 1995, S. 70). „Maker of buckles“, a thousands of years old crafts and arts Tradition, the production of useful, decorative, noble and precious buckles and brooches.

Well, did some hundrets of years ago english Bucklers immigrate to Germany? Or is Buckler an old german word, with similar origin, meanwhile forgotten, like many others too?

Maybe are there Bucklers with more knowledge about it. Or you are interested and could help to get more clarity. So contact me to find out more facts!